Our Ultimate Photochromic Driving Sunglasses

When we developed our lenses for cyclists and runners we in inadvertently designed the perfect sunglasses for driving, because these have the base yellow tint which drivers enjoy, as it helps with definition, gives the impression of a sunny day and relaxes the eyes particularly at night with the glare from headlights with the mirror finish.

What really makes them stand out from all the competition is when you get out of the car you can wear them as normal sunglasses, as they react to the UV400 rays and go grey, making them not only cool but versatile.

Also it is important to know that so called night driving glasses will not have any benefits when it is pitch black, but they are ideal for low light or roads which have lighting, because technically you have a lens in front of your eyes which is tinted and gives enhanced depth perception for a brightened surrounding in overcast conditions
Driving a car at night and in the rain

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Image of our ultimate driving glasses when outside in the sunshine and exposed to UV400 rays

What is Unique about these our Driving glasses?

These lenses were developed during lock down and although they make the most ideal cycling and driving sunglasses they work for all sports, in fact you will forget you are wearing them as they adjust to the light conditions and make a superb golfing lens, as the yellow tint helps you see the white ball against the green fairways.

In summary there are 4 main attributes
  1. Yellow light enhancing tint for low light conditions
  2. Turn grey with exposure to UV light
  3. Mirror Finish only visible and again only when the lens goes grey
  4. Water repellent coating, if you get caught in the rain

So you could argue the best sunglasses for the UK weather ;)

Our Driving Photochromic Lenses

The image you can see here is one lens exposed to the UV400 rays and goes grey and the silver mirror becomes more visible and the the yellow lens is how it looks in the car or in low light.

NB When in the car they stay yellow but the mirror finish will help with any glare

All our sunglasses are available with these lenses we can even cut to fit your favourite frames, just ask.

Our ultimate lenses showing how the photochromic lenses change when exposed to daylight left yellow lens is unexposed while the right lens is now grey
photo of our aviator driving sunglasses

A Little Known Fact about Polarized Lenses

With modern cars these days they all have digital displays, which means when wearing a polarized lens, depending upon the angle you have your head you may not be able to see the display. The same goes for Mobile phone displays.

So if you just want a pair of sunglasses for the car and not photochromic I would recommend our Zeiss lenses with a mirror as these help with glare without loosing the ability to not see the cars display or more importantly ice on on the roads.

In addition our Zeiss mirror lenses have a base amber tint which helps with contrast.

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Drivewear Prescription Lenses

In addition we can do various photochromic lenses in a prescription

Including Drivewear Transitions or Xtractive Transitions

Both these go grey in the car with Xtractive from clear to grey and Drivewear from Amber to grey.

NB Drivewear start a slightly darker Amber so more suited to driving in the sunshine

Just get in contact for more details 

All Our Frames are Currently Available in Our Ultimate Photochromic Driving Lenses.
NB as these frames are made to order delivery time can be between 1 and 2 weeks, if required sooner please ask before ordering

£125.00 - £260.00
Malawi Titanium Aviator
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Copy of Burundi
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